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Introducing: The Gospelology Parent Club - Empowering Parents to Teach Faith and Science Together!

Are you a parent seeking a meaningful and impactful way to teach your children about the wonders of God's Word and the world around them? Look no further! Join the Gospelology Parent Club and embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery with your children. Our Membership Benefits:
  1. Engaging Parent Bible Lessons: Each month, receive expertly designed Parent Bible Lessons that require just 10 minutes of your time. These lessons are tailored for children ages 5-13 and revolve around a Biblical Scientific Theme. Experience the joy of guiding your children through interactive and thought-provoking lessons that will deepen their faith and ignite their curiosity.
  2. Scientific Object Lessons: Enhance the learning experience with hands-on Scientific Object Lessons that complement each lesson. Watch as your children's eyes light up with wonder and excitement as they engage in captivating experiments and uncover the marvels of God's creation.
  3. Daily Devotionals: Cultivate a daily habit of reflection and spiritual growth with our carefully crafted devotionals. These devotionals will encourage meaningful discussions and provide valuable insights that connect faith and science in a way that is understandable and relatable for young minds.
  4. Monthly Newsletter: Enjoy our monthly newsletter filled with games, activities, and resources designed to engage and entertain your young scientists. Spark their curiosity and encourage them to explore the wonders of the world through interactive puzzles, experiments, and fun challenges.
  5. Parent Resources: As a member, gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources covering a wide range of topics, from ministry to mental health. Equip yourself with valuable tools and guidance to nurture your child's spiritual journey while strengthening your own faith as a parent.
  6. Kid Videos: Enhance the learning experience with specially curated kid videos that bring the lessons to life. These entertaining and educational videos will captivate your children's imagination and deepen their understanding of the Biblical Scientific Themes explored in each lesson.
Join the Gospelology Parent Club and be part of a community of like-minded parents dedicated to instilling a strong foundation of faith and knowledge in their children. Together, let's embark on a transformative adventure that combines the beauty of God's Word with the wonders of science. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to create lifelong memories, spark curiosity, and foster a deep connection to God's creation. Sign up for the Gospelology Parent Club today and unlock the power of faith and science for your family! Ignite your children's faith, inspire their scientific curiosity, and watch as they grow into confident young believers. Start your journey with the Gospelology Parent Club now!

The price for membership is $15.00 per Month.

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