Explore Computer Coding with Space Walt & Friends.

Blast off with our guide, Space Walt, and Travel through Coding Space as Gospelology opens digital doors.

We are the go-to biblical, leadership and scientific school kids coding academy teaching the bible and 21st century skills & technologies for the younger generation ages 6-14. Our duty is to teach the gospel of JESUS CHRIST in a Fun and Enthusiastic way and give your child an academic and spiritual edge for the digital future.

Blast Off to victory with our exciting biblical leadership coding programs

Online options are available to fit the needs of every family.


Why parents love their kids becoming
Bible Space Coders (BSC)

Fun & Learning is our mission!

Founded by Gospelology Creator, Latrece Williams McKnight, The Gospelology Coding Academy strives to create an engaging biblical and scientific experience for children that prepares them for the future with the skills & resources to positively impact the world at large.


Progress through the Tribal ranks

The Tribal Exposition Experience is an extensive and rewarding journey ahead. Students earn new ranks in the tribes of Israel as they progress forward in leadership curriculum.


Prepare for the future. Today.

Everyone needs to learn how to program. Its like knowing how to read and write. Don’t wait until your kids go to college to learn the skills that are essential for future careers. Take action now and enjoy them being ahead of their peers!


Gospelology Box

Most fun and engaging live, online coding classes for kids and teens. Save 10% on tuition + NO Registration Fee!

$279 $ 47 / month
  • 24 hour accessibility with video instructor
  • Two 45 MINS. sessions per week
  • Flexible schedule
  • No hassle make-up sessions