the First and Only Biblical Scientific Children’s Church Curriculum

About the Gospelology Curriculum

Tailored specifically for our beautiful Black and Brown children. Get ready to embark on an awe-inspiring journey, diving deep into the world of miracles with a scientific twist that’s as fun as it is enlightening! Every inch of this unique curriculum is designed to stimulate your child’s curiosity and spiritual growth.

Here's what's included in every four-week lesson:

Bible Lesson with Teacher Scripts

Engaging, understandable, and powerful lessons teaching the miracles of Jesus in ways that resonate with our kids.

Game Lesson

Because learning should be fun, we bring you games that challenge minds while weaving in biblical teachings.

Craft Lesson

Get ready for some hands-on creativity that brings biblical stories to life right before their eyes!

Science Lesson

Spark their curiosity with scientific experiments that tie into each Bible lesson. Science has never been this divine!

And to top it all off, each lesson comes alive with a hilarious and enlightening skit by our dynamic duo, Professor Goofus and Lab Tec Lilly! They're ready to make your children laugh, think, and wonder as they connect the miracles of Jesus to the wonders of science.

Every four weeks, your child will take a journey through the miracles of Jesus, exploring each through the lens of faith, fun, creativity, and scientific inquiry. Here at Gospelology we're more than just a curriculum; we're a community committed to fostering a love for learning and faith in our children.

With Gospelology’s Bible Wonders and Science Splendors, we're celebrating diversity, encouraging curiosity, and building strong spiritual foundations. Join us as we merge faith and science in a joyful exploration of the wonders of the world!

So why wait?

Ignite the spark of knowledge and faith in your child. Let's make Sunday School the highlight of their week!

GOSPELOLOGY’S Bible Wonders and Science Splendors
Where Miracles Meet Microscopes!

Gospelology: A Four-Week Sunday School Curriculum

In the Bible Center, children from grades K-5 will dive deep into the biblical lessons and stories. Each Sunday, they will explore a different Bible lesson theme, connecting it to their age group’s understanding and level of comprehension. Engaging activities, discussions, and interactive storytelling will bring the Bible to life, allowing children to develop a solid foundation in Scripture.


At the Science Center, children will embark on a scientific adventure that intertwines with the Gospel. Each Sunday, they will explore how science can enhance their understanding of biblical concepts. Through hands-on experiments, observations of the natural world, and thought-provoking discussions, children will discover how science and faith can harmoniously coexist. They will learn that the wonders of creation reveal the greatness of God and strengthen their belief in Him.


In the Game Center, children will experience the joy of learning through games that reinforce the lessons of the Bible. Each Sunday, they will engage in interactive and educational games designed to deepen their understanding of biblical principles. These games will be both fun and challenging, fostering teamwork, problem-solving skills, and the application of biblical truths. The Game Center will create a lively and dynamic environment where children can grow in faith while having a great time.


At the Craft Center, children will engage in creative activities that allow them to express their faith and understanding of the Bible lessons. Each Sunday, they will participate in hands-on crafts that reinforce the key concepts taught throughout the curriculum. They will create visual reminders of the biblical stories, engage in discussions about their crafts’ meanings, and develop a sense of pride in their creations. The Craft Center will encourage children to reflect on their faith and share their artistic expressions with others.


To ensure that children from grades K-5 have the opportunity to experience all the centers, a rotation system will be implemented. Each grade will rotate to a different center every month, allowing them to engage with each theme over time. By the end of the month, each grade will have visited the Bible Center, Science Center, Game Center, and Craft Center, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum’s diverse elements.


Conclusion: Gospelology is a dynamic and comprehensive Sunday School curriculum that nurtures the faith of children from grades K-5. Through engaging and age-appropriate activities, it intertwines biblical lessons, scientific exploration, interactive games, and creative crafts. The rotation system ensures that each grade has the opportunity to experience all the centers, fostering a holistic and well-rounded understanding of the Gospel. Gospelology encourages children to develop a strong foundation in faith, grow in their love for Jesus, and have fun while learning.

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